Creative Chaos


I understand how you feel. I know what you are going through. It seems like you have all of these creative ideas and none of them are coming out. I have a few tips to help you start in the process. As a creative myself I am about to say words that don’t make sense to you (especially you extroverted creatives) but it will help. Are you ready?


Say what? Yes, I said what I said. (Click on the My Podcast tab and listen to episode 2 for spiritual instructions). You need to calm down, take your time, and look at it again. Some of you are trying to do too much and it is causing you a personal and professional chaotic  situation. I am going to post some tips for creatives that may assist you going forward. I have found these techniques to be helpful and it has allowed me to write 4 books in 5 years, create ministry choreography whether on the spot or over time, and to create my own space where my ideas can roam and be safe until I am ready to use it.

  1. Pick one activity and focus on that activity until it is complete.
  2. Set goals for that activity
  3. Find you a person who is professional and dependable to keep you on task (accountability is everything)
  4. Set aside time for self care. You work better when you are rested emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

If you feel like you need additional assistance in this area, I do offer a creative coaching session. Click on the products and services tab and select Creative Coaching. I will send you an email to set a time and date via Zoom or telephone.

It’s okay to be a creative. Embrace your gifts.

You are loved! You are a movement. Flow into your purpose.

One Love,


Published by Genesis Transition

Genesis Transition is a career and personal development business designed to assist clients who desire and deserve a shift in their personal and professional lives. Based in Prince George’s County, Maryland all services are now virtual and appointment based so that the business can meet the needs of all clients nationally and Internationally.

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