November Notes

Good afternoon everyone!

I know it has been a while since a blog has been posted. I had to take a minute to catch my breath and I am now in the process of reorganizing some things. Thank you for your patience.

I would formally like to welcome you to Fall. This is my favorite time of year. The temperature is right how I like it, I get my extra hour of sleep, and as painful as it seems and feels, the dead things fall off. Even though it is hard to comprehend, pain is beautiful. You can see the illustration of it in the trees. They begin to change colors and then as I previously stated, the dead things fall to the ground.

When you are walking do you realize that in order to have a clear path you move all the things that are in your way? You have a set destination and you will not allow anything in front of you to stop you from getting to that destination. I want to encourage you to stay your path and let the dead things fall off. Even with tears in your eyes and a pain in the pit of your stomach. You are going to be okay. It will take time and patience.


As we are approaching this holiday season some of us will be going through a grieving stage. We will miss loved ones very much and not really feel like celebrating. I want to leave you with a positive acronym for the word GRIEF. I will post it below.

Grace: Give yourself grace.

Resilience: Remember how resilient you are.

Intention: Be intentional about your healing and your life.

Evolve: Look at how much you have evolved/grown over this year alone. 

Focus: Focus on you because you matter. 

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concrete road between trees
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Remember you are a whole movement! Flow into your purpose.

One Love,


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