Creatively Resting

Dear Creative,

We love to create. It allows us to heal, to be free to release all of these emotions that are moving around us and in us. This is my letter to you. Don’t use your creativity as a means to avoid rest.

Rest your mind, rest your soul, and rest your spirit. You produce more when you are full rather than on fumes. It is not wise to create from a place where you cannot concentrate. Yes we have been known to create from pain but we can also be known for creating from a place of healing.

We have the right to have balance. We have the right to love ourselves to not be pulled in and to be triggered by life at every single moment. We have a right to peace. And if you experience peaceful moments do your life a favor and don’t question it.

Rest beloved. The world will be alright. Take care of you first.

One Love,


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Published by Genesis Transition

Genesis Transition is a career and personal development business designed to assist clients who desire and deserve a shift in their personal and professional lives. Based in Prince George’s County, Maryland all services are now virtual and appointment based so that the business can meet the needs of all clients nationally and Internationally.

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