GRIEF: A Positive Breakdown

This post is personal in nature. It is a form of healing for me and I hope that it blesses you and that you eventually use it. I do offer this type of service but it isn’t on the website. I will post how you can request it below.

I have had a lot of loss over the past two to three years. I have had a lot of loss in my life since 2003 if we want to be completely honest. I never put a time frame on grief/healing. It is a process and I am learning that it is more than ok to have a moment. Just make sure the moment doesn’t have me.

I use to teach a class on GRIEF. I gave each letter a positive meaning and a personal assignment attached to it. This is an ongoing process and I have to repeat some at times. I am going to post the meaning of each letter now.

G: Grace- Give yourself grace

R: Resilience- Remember how resilient you are.

I: Intention- Be intentional about your healing

E: Evolve- Take this opportunity to grow(evolve)

F: Focus- Focus on you. Focus on what matters the most.

I am in the process of starting the process over again. During this quarantine time I am being forced to deal with me. Not them, but me. I am having moments but they are making me stronger. I am no longer afraid to feel what I feel. I can cry when I need to, cuss when necessary. I am acknowledging, accepting, and healing.

I pray that you do same. If you are interested in booking this session please send an email to

I love you because I love you. Stay safe.

One Love,


**Happy Birthday Bill Sellers. Continue to coach me from heaven please.**

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