Adjust, Affirm, Assert… August

January through July. We have done a lot of things to make it through these past several months. Truth be told this year isn’t over with but I am remaining calm and refuse to panic. Great things happen while you go through hell. It is all in how you look at it.

You have learned how to do the following: Adjust, Affirm, and Assert. You can take all three of these techniques and apply them to the month of August and for the rest of this year. You may be asking yourself how you did these things. I am going to give you a slight example of each and then you are responsible for August-September. You can either take the lessons you have learned and apply them to grow and develop or you can choose to dwell on the negative. Some of us will end up doing both but I pray that your outcome will be more of a positive nature. We were taught in math that two negatives multiplied always equal a positive.

Adjust: Some of you started working from home with your children learning in school online. It was a difficult task but all goals set forth were accomplished. Some of you had to create extra streams of income by creating businesses. You tapped into your God given gifts combined with your natural talents. Some of you haven’t but that is ok. You still have time to shoot your shot. You still have time to finish what you have started.

Affirm: Many of you have stated that you will not be stopped in every area of your life. You have adopted a positive mindset that you carried from month to month and the evidence is showing. Keep it up! Some of you need to start affirming the greatness that is in you. ( I can help with that.Will post deets below)

Assert: You have planted your seeds in good ground and you refuse to move. You have established who you are and what you have to offer. Keep being assertive concerning you. If they don’t like they can get over it. That is not your problem beloved. You aren’t arrogant you are healing and you deserve the peace you should have never had to fight for to begin with (Not sure who that was for. I pray your receive it in Jesus name).

August: The 8th Month. A new beginning. Which means in July some things in your life came to an end. And that is ok. We have reasons, seasons, lessons, and blessings. Everything will be alright. Keep pushing forward. It is still Shoot Your Shot 2020.

Speaking of SHOOT YOUR SHOT…. I have a new template(product) available for purchase. The cost is $15. It is a goal and affirmation guide (12 month) with a journal prompt at the end of each month. I encourage you to purchase one today. For the month of August I am offering a Shoot Your Shot Session. Cost is $50 but does not include the template. It is not on the website so you have to email me directly:

As always I am praying with you and I am praying for you. Keep shooting your shot!!!

One Love,


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