Flowing into February

Good afternoon everyone! I hope that this email finds you doing well in every area of your life. Happy Black History Month and Happy Love Month!

January I went with the flow. I didn’t overextend myself and as a result I got to take a vacation and I was able to rest. I have discovered that ideas are downloaded into me easier when I am rested. I was able to let some things and some people go so that I can receive everything that is about to flow my way. I am going to continue to go with the flow with the understanding that I am the flow.

As you all know I constantly remind you that you are a movement. Flow into your purpose so that should be your focus for the month of February. Pay attention to the movements that you make and if it doesn’t line up with your purpose I encourage you to dismiss it. One way that I am watching my movements is creating monthly vision boards which leads me to this exciting news.

I am creating a new masterclass that will be added to the website once I send this out. Peep the pic below


Yep. You can book a masterclass with me to create a vision board that will not overwhelm you. The price is $50 and you don’t have to fill out the application for this service. This is available as an individual and group class(please note that if you desire a group that the cost is per person). And for the month of February I am offering a class for up to 10 people on 2/19/2021 at 6pm via Zoom. You can send an email to fredrika@genesistransition.com to register for that class.

I look forward to sharing with you! Remember you are a movement. Flow into your purpose!

Share this blog with your family and friends. The goal is to have 100 people subscribed to the blog by the end of the month! When you share please use this #Goal100

Have a great one on purpose!

One Love,

Coach Fredrika

P.S. There is a new book available for purchase. https://www.amazon.com/author/fredrikasellers (Go order them all. Thank you lol)


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