Aspiring Authors: This You?

Let’s start with the following excuses that I have told myself. They may seem familiar to you.

  • I cannot afford it
  • I don’t have anything to share
  • I don’t have the support.
  • I don’t have the time

Did you know that these excuses are lies we tell to ourselves? I am here to tell you that I am proof that they are. 6 books and 7 years later. I have a technique that I use and will share how to book me at the end of this blog.

I want you to stop lying to yourself about the dreams and visions you have. If you can see it, you can absolutely do it. Life has come at you hard and life has come at you extremely fast but you are still here and you are worthy of all the blessings that are going to come your way. Don’t let your mistakes define you in this season. Even if there is a consequence learn the lesson so you can move forward in your purpose. That way you can tell your story in written form.

To book a session with me click the application request and fill that out. Once approved you may submit your payment via GT Products/Services. The world is ready to hear your story. So am I.

One Love,


PS: I am holding a Masterclass on 5/14/2021 called SHOOT YOUR SHOT. This may be a gateway to see if we vibe together on a client/coach level. The cost is $50. If you want to attend register via email: and submit your payment via the Coffee and Coaching Tab (leave Shoot Your Shot Masterclass along with your email in the notes)

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