Be Intentional. Give Yourself Grace.

Welcome to 2022 beloveds. It is my prayer that this year you are intentional in everything you set out to do and that you give yourself grace. Please know that it is well in everything that you do.

Whether you set goals or are continuing your goals from 2021, be intentional about how you go about doing it. Pay close attention to your connections and what you share. You want to be able to share with people who are genuine about holding you accountable for the things that you have set before you.

I know people don’t like the word accountable but in all honesty you need to deal with that dislike. Accountability is not a bad word. It is not a curse. It is another person you trust and love making sure that you accomplish everything you have set out to do. A true accountability partner will encourage you in every way they possibly can. I want you to take the time to research words you say you don’t like and figure out the reason why you don’t like them. (Healing tip)

In the midst of all of this give yourself grace. Life happens. I want you to think about everything you have already accomplished in this life. It definitely outweighs every bad thing that has happened. I’m not saying ignore it, but shift the focus. That is what healing is. Acknowledging what happened, accepting what happened, and focusing on what you have done in the midst of the pain.

This is your opportunity to be intentional and to give yourself grace this year. You are not perfect but you are progressing. I love you because I love you.

Note that coaching services are available. Click on the application link if you are aware of what services you need. If you are not aware please click on the services tab and click on coffee and coaching.

Be intentional about your purpose, your goals, and give yourself grace.

Until the next post!

One Love,


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