Adjust, Revisit, Remain

Hey everyone!

I hope that your summer is filled with love, joy, peace and abundance. I have been in study mode as I make adjustments, revisit some previous plans, and remain encouraged through it all. And that is what I want to talk to you about. I want you to know that it is perfectly okay to adjust, revisit, and remain.


When you think of the word adjust you may think that something has to grow bigger or shrink down and that is not necessarily the case. The definition of the word adjust is: “alter or move (something) slightly in order to achieve the desired fit, appearance, or result.” I want you to focus on the word slightly. You don’t have to do anything major to achieve your goal. Take a deep breath and really focus. You will see where you need to adjust and go from there.


That one thing that you thought was a loss. It was actually a victory. That idea, that plan may not have been for the masses. You have to learn to keep somethings for yourself. Remember the joy you had when you created it. Revisit it again. Because of the adjustment you previously made in the future you will have the right clients to share that prototype with.


Remain encouraged. It seems like everything is falling to the left and to the right. You are in the center. You are not falling to the left or to the right. You keep focused on your purpose, on your business, and on your vision. Do not overwhelm yourself trying to keep up with people who won’t share their whole story. (Hear that with your heart).

New Service Us:

I would like to introduce “Tha Writaz Circle” This is for those who want to write with guidance and prompts. There is no set fee but a payment must be made for the prompts and coaching. Right now we meet on Thursdays at 7pm but in September we will meet on Sundays at 7pm. If you are interested please email:

I look forward to seeing you adjust, revisit, and remain.


P.S.: Y’all asked and I answered. Purchase tickets below


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Genesis Transition is a career and personal development business designed to assist clients who desire and deserve a shift in their personal and professional lives. Based in Prince George’s County, Maryland all services are now virtual and appointment based so that the business can meet the needs of all clients nationally and Internationally.

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