Effective and Affective Decisions

Welcome to September. They say this is the birthing month. Whatever you are birthing will be healthy and whole because you have decided to make effective and affective decisions.

What is an effective decision? I am glad I asked for you. The definition of “effective” according to the Oxford Library in adjective form is “being successful in producing a desired or intended result.” You looked at what was in front of you and after you weighed the pros and cons you learned that the decision you made was effective. There was success. It doesn’t matter how small or big the decision was always remember you were successful. There were times when we based decisions off what others suggested (not saying that was a bad thing) but we ended up in assignments meant for them and not us causing burnout. I’m excited to know that as you are healing and growing in your purpose that you learning the difference of what is for you and what is not. I am also glad that you aren’t operating in high functioning anxiety to please the people you are scared to disappoint even though they have shown you who they are. (That’s a private conversation you need to have within yourself and if you need an ear please keep reading to find out how I will be providing that service.)

What’s an affective decision? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word affective means relating to, arising from, influencing feelings, or emotions. What decisions have you made based off of your feelings, emotions or related to those factors? I pray that you didn’t make any irrational decisions in a heated moment. Affective decisions can be bad and good depending on the mental state that you are in. I am learning that even though I have some great ideas that the emotion came from was not the best and as a result the decision was not effective. I have also done the opposite and as a result was very successful.

The best way to work through effective and affective (my opinion) is to journal out your thoughts at that time. Consider the people you have had a conversation with during that time period. Were they an effective and affective ear in a good way or a bad way? Sometimes the influence of others is a catalyst to our decision making. If the idea, the decision is still in your spirit, soul and mind be effective. Make the affective positive.

New 2 U

I have a new service that I offer that I may have mentioned before called “The Writaz Circle.” For my current students it is an a la carte service and we meet once a week. I am offering the class but for new students there is a set fee which is $75 per class. You don’t have to meet weekly with me like my current students have requested but if you desire that please let me know by emailing fredrika@genesistransition.com or calling 202-367-3807 (New GT Number). This class is geared to help you write out your decisions, ideas, or journal with provided prompts and intimate coaching. This can be individual or group.

As always I am here to assist. Be effective. Learn your affective.


P.S. Chess..not checkers. Stop letting these folks jump over you. Be strategic

Photo by HARUN BENLu0130 on Pexels.com

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