Effective and Affective Decisions

Welcome to September. They say this is the birthing month. Whatever you are birthing will be healthy and whole because you have decided to make effective and affective decisions. What is an effective decision? I am glad I asked for you. The definition of “effective” according to the Oxford Library in adjective form is “beingContinue reading “Effective and Affective Decisions”

The Courage to Start/The Strength to Finish

Good afternoon everyone!!!! It’s been a while since I have sent an email. We (me) have overcome some health challenges and I wanted to make sure I was in the right headspace before I spoke with you all. I pray you have been making progess in every area of your life. I know I haveContinue reading “The Courage to Start/The Strength to Finish”

Be Intentional. Give Yourself Grace.

Welcome to 2022 beloveds. It is my prayer that this year you are intentional in everything you set out to do and that you give yourself grace. Please know that it is well in everything that you do. Whether you set goals or are continuing your goals from 2021, be intentional about how you goContinue reading “Be Intentional. Give Yourself Grace.”