Dear Abandoned Daughter: An Open Letter

This is not a typical post from this website but I am being obedient. Feel free to share with those who need to see it.

Dear Abandoned Daughter,

I am so sorry that you are experiencing a heartbreak that you are unable to put into words. I am so sorry that you feel you are unworthy of love, need, and attention. I know what it is like to wonder what your life would have been like had they been consistent in your life.

This is a letter of encouragement. What if you are being protected from their vices and bad habits? What if they didn’t have the capacity to love you the way you desire and deserve? I know it may be hard to comprehend and understand in this moment. It is going to take you time to heal but once you do you will see why things played out the way they do.

Take a moment to look at what you have accomplished in the midst of that heartbreak. Their absence could not stop you from being the great individual you are!!! Bask in the beauty of being you. Know that you are loved, appreciated, needed, and wanted. Those who are supposed to be in your life forever will show you just that. No worries.

You were a seed buried deep. I need you to bloom now.

I love you because I love you. Be encouraged.


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